© Diego Beltramo


Diego Beltramo works in Portrait & Fashion Photography for publishing and advertising.

Diego has been awarded 1st prize in the 'Portrait-Celebrities' category at the Italian Professional Photographer Awards with the jury presided by:
• Luca Stoppini, Art Director - Vogue • Roberta Reineke, Photo Editor - Rolling Stone • Sonia Audoly, Photo Editor - Elle • Michele Goettsche, President and Creative Director - Pirella Goettsche Lowe • Denis Curti, Director - Contrasto Agency.


"I use the medium of photography as it is the most successful way that I can research. Every portrait is a part of the process; an attempt to approach an answer, an answer which doesn’t pose a question, but is instead itself an insight. So, every portrayed person brings within themselves pieces of that question, and therefore, the route towards that intuition. I utilize every possible way of the unique “ability of revealing” that photography affords in this direction. From the intimacy that a ‘point and shoot’ camera allows me to reach, to the “time suspension feeling” created by a large format camera, up to the ostensible distance generated during a set design shoot."

Diego Beltramo